Save the Dates, Part One!

I'm too immature and embarrassed to call them STDs without smirking like a twelve year old boy. But I am so excited because as you know, we had our engagement shoot last March and soon after we got the CD, P started working on our Save-the-dates! I am pleased to say that he quickly came up with a beautiful design. And we are using one of the pictures from the E-pic shoot!!! After browsing through the many amazing pics we were lucky to get, we found our winner!

We really loved the composition of the photo (I told you,  Studio Nouveau = Genius!) Patrick loves messing around in Photoshop and came up with several graphic designs we have used for his composer's collective group, and the poster for my theater company (He's got a knack for it). Enough gloating, here's our final design!

Front of the card

Back of the card
What do you think? I really like it(Not to mention the savings in that its black & white themed)! Ooh! And he made us a cute little monogram, that I am thinking we use as a sticker seal on the envelopes, or maybe the belly-band for our invites!
"Love" by Robert Indiana
It reminds me of Robert Indiana's "Love" Sculpture. Anywho, I am very proud of P-man, I think he did a fantastic job...AND we ordered prints last Friday. They came in yesterday!!! We are so excited (if you couldn't tell from the overwhelming amount of exclaimation points)! We ordered them from http://www.vistaprint.com/ and love the way they turned out. Vistaprint has (so far) been a great tool for me. I've ordered totebags, t-shirts, you name it, and have always been satisfied. When I asked Patrick if he'd like to DIY our Save-the-Dates and invitations, he was really excited. I knew that we could count on Vistaprint for a good price and a great result! We opted for a 6"x9" which may seem large, but we really like it. We're going for plain white envelopes for the cards, and plan on embellishing them. My handwriting is pretty good, I'm told, so I will be hand-addressing them, and we bought this gem from etsy for the return address (thanks to encouragement from bm Abbie!)
Rubber return address stamp! From Etsy
I plan on using bright blue ink pens to address and to buy a bright blue ink pad to return address them. And now, for the stamps. I have my heart set on some kind of stamp that has the word "Love" on it. I really like the classic King/Queen of Hearts card stamps.
US postage stamp
But I also like these:
LOVE this one, but it's kind of expensive
US postage stamp
Gorgeous roses!
US postage stamp
 And there's always the chance that I get lazy and take whatever pretty ones I find at the post office. :-) I have time...::cough:: we still need to get the addresses from our guests ::cough:: I'll be sure to post a picture of the final product! Thanks for reading! We're so excited that the first major DIY project for the wedding is nearing completion and that we are making it together!



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