(Seriously) OMG. Shoes.

Let me apologize for my lack of frequent/constant posting lately. I have been under the weather, running around EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. And since our wedding is about four {AHH!} weeks away, Patrick and I are burning the candles at both ends - so to speak.

Anyway, so --- remember when I bought shoes, then got antsy about the color and bought the same pair in a different color, while realizing it still wasn't the right color? Well. Guys, I got antsy again...

If you can recall, way back when I first started to blog about our wedding, I had two shoe posts from just browsing the webs. Well, neither of those shoes had come to pass, because I waited to have the decision of the dress before I wanted to get the pair of shoes; and to my sadness and dismay, when I went to purchase either of the two pair I liked, they were SOLD OUT. I was devastated. But quickly moved on to the Ninas of the last posts.

Like I said, I got the first pair in Navy blue, because for some reason (even though the wedding was still eleven months away) I felt I needed to have the shoes NOW! Then, in April, I realized that I was not OK with the color not being perfect, so I went back online and found the same shoe in a brighter blue. (Stupid online pictures) --- it STILL wasn't the blue I wanted, but it would do. For a month. And a half. (Don't judge!). And I thought I was set. I had returned the first pair, and everything was fine and dandy. Until the other day at work. I kept browsing beautiful pictures of brides with bright blue shoes ---ahem, I mean I was working hard! ---, and I realized that the color bothered me still, and I'd have to go back to square one.

Google search: royal blue shoes. And lo, and behold: the pair of MeToos! that I had been lusting over were once again available! And not only that but they were selling for more than 50% off the original price. I didn't even hesitate. I immediately ordered them and they came in last week and...

They are the perfect, PERFECT royal blue I had been dreaming of, they fit and they are comfy!

Clearly, I am a woman obsessed with royal blue. Now, don't get me wrong, I am NOT a four shoe bride (although I am quite impressed with the ladies that are). I am returning the second pair of Ninas, and will stick with my MeToos and of course, the wedding TOMS! (What? I didn't share those? Ah! I'll talk to you later about those).

Side by side comparison. DEFINTELY more
royal blue on the right!

Fit perfectly! Ooh! And those cute little round blue thingies
in the background will be getting their own post very soon!

Whew! What a journey with shoes. I think I am finally satisfied. Haha!

How about you brides out there --- did you have an epic shoe journey? Were you as picky about the exact color as I was?



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