A Jack & Jill Shower!

Before everyone gets all uppity, I'm not talking about that kind of shower! We attended our Jack & Jill Wedding shower last weekend!

A few weeks ago we received this in our mail!
EEE! Blue envelope!

 It was a sweet little invite made by my future-in-laws! They wanted to celebrate our upcoming marriage, but wanted to do a Jack & Jill Shower! Now, before the wedding, I had no idea about these sort of traditions and customs. And even during wedding planning, Jack & Jill's weren't really on my mind. So this was a happy surprise!

Now last weekend actually kicked off this year's wedding season for Patrick and I (OMG WE are getting married this wedding season! AHHHH!), with the marriage of Patrick's friends from undergrad. So we knew that this was going to be a wedding-y weekend for us.

Saturday, we woke up bright and early to head down to CT with our good friend (groomsman) Andrew, and arrived at Patrick's parents' house to find it was a glorious hot summery day, and the house was beautifully decorated in our wedding colors with a peacock theme!

That little picture is from the night Patrick proposed!
We actually got there quite early because I am a FIEND and insisted on leaving early so that there would be no chance of being even a minute late to our shower. Walking around, I took in the gorgeous decorations, beautiful flowers, and the delicious looking food! As I took pictures (like a good little blogger), emotional feelings of gratitude, excitement and love rushed over me and I felt truly blessed not only to be surrounded by such pure love, but by the feeling that maybe this (magnified of course!) might be a glimpse into what it will feel like on the actual wedding day...
Gorgeous peonies from my FMIL's garden!

Peacock-y Balloons cheerfully greeting everyone in the doorway!

Wedding parasol adorning the mailbox! First thing we saw as we rolled up...

A happy, grateful, giddy couple we were!!!

Paper lanterns, balloons and benches -- oh my!
Being awesome, FMIL kind of began my craft-crazy ways, so it was only fitting that there was some DIY bunting in the decor!
May be hard to tell from the picture --- but it says:
"Micah & Patrick"
When we got there ridonkulously early, Patrick and Andrew decided it was beautiful enough outside to get all manly and play some baseball. So while I was snapping away and trying to keep from stealing food before the rest of the guests arrived, they tossed the ball.
Men, men, men, men --- Manly MAN!

Did I mention how beautiful Patrick's family's gardens are? I think I did. But I'll do it again. GORGEOUS!
We had a blast! We played a cute little shower candy game, that Patrick's mother prepared: There were about 16 different candies were stuck to a board, and Patrick's mom asked wedding/honeymoon/couple related questions about us where the answer was one of the candies --- and there was a prize for the winner! We opened lots of gifties and then BM Joelle and GM Torin read a hilarious transcript of what we said while opening them as a "script" of our wedding night (jokes!)!

It was a beautiful, very happy day surrounded by friends and soon-to-be family. Patrick and I are very grateful, and can't stop saying to each other how much fun we had!
Min bags of Hershey Kisses as favors!

Peacock feather Centerpieces

Yum! Rainbow Fruit-kabob!

Oh, hey little peacock!

Desserts were mini strawberry-shortcakes, mini chocolate PB cakes,
and an ice cream bar!
Remember how I LOVED making the rehearsal dinner ribbon bouquets for my friends? Well, they made a beautiful one for me!

And I wore this, as well as a sassy crown, while Patrick wore
a 'Groom' top hat and tie!
Everything looked beautiful, we laughed and cried and had a wonderful time. I am sorry to gush and repeat myself --- but it was fantastic! Also, having Patrick at my side was one of the best parts. We both shared in the love and joy surrounding us. It's a way of putting the focus on both the Bride and the Groom, which I think is often neglected in today's booming Wedding Industry.
Gorgeous wreath that give my wreath a run for it's money!
To all of our friends and family, thank you so much for showering us in such love and kindness. We are so lucky to have you in our lives!

Can't wait for the wedding!



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  1. what an awesome idea! I've heard of these before, too...but you're right, so often all the focus is put just on the bride and her shower. It must have been so nice to have the groom right there with you by you side! Your future in-laws really outdid themselves, what a great party!