Favors...Part Deux

And you know there will be a Part Trois...because this was only the test batch.

Guests of Micah & Patrick's Wedding...
I took the test batch of cookies out of the freezer for our favors...and...BAM! After a few hours of warming up, they tasted delicious! (Unfortunately, they don't look pretty (thus the lack of pictures), so I'll leave that to our actual favor batches when I make them next month).

Meanwhile, I ordered some Washi tape, from the ever-loving Etsy, and some simple white favor boxes (Michael's - of course). For assembly - I plan on Saran-Wrapping the cookies, then wrapping them with ivory tulle (also, from Micheal's --- best. place. ever!) and then sticking them neatly in the Washi-tape-decorated favor boxes and stamping "Thank You!" on them (Found a stamp with Bridesmaid Abbie at PaperSource - a dangerous place filled with pretty cupcake-y things that it is VERY difficult not to spend your entire paycheck on. Not that I did).

This is the Washi Tape I got! So cute! (Although, I recommend getting two
rolls - the rolls are quite small!)
Rubber stamp from Papersource!
I have a feeling that I'm going to have to summon the 'Maids to help me assemble these babies! I can't wait to see how they turn out!



P.S. Just curious, any one else out there making their own favors?

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