Wedding Outfits

I've obviously gushed a billion times about The Big White Dress, but, I want to take a moment to talk about the other outfits that are playing their own little roles in preparation for our wedding day! See --- I am an incredibly lucky lady; I have a loving fiance, a supportive family and family of in-laws, and wonderful friends! I am honored to know that my bridesmaids are throwing me a shower and bachelorette closer to the wedding, while Patrick and I will be attending our "Jack and Jill" shower in a few weeks! (My aunties are also planning me a special girl's night!) Plus there's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and my parents are generously throwing a small cook-out the day after the wedding for us. I have to say I'm feeling unbelievably loved and excited and honored to see the love that is surrounding Patrick and I as we get closer to the Wedding day. Showers, bachelorettes and other wedding celebrations besides the Ceremony and Reception itself can and almost are big planning events themselves. So for our family and friends to be creating these celebrations for us makes me feel so very loved and honored. 

That being said...knowing that these wonderful days are ahead, I have had some fun putting together outfits for them. There are some outfits pulled straight from my closet, and some that I may have sought out and had fun shopping for. So here are my Non-Big-White-Dress Wedding outfits! (Don't judge the awkward photos I took of myself...)

First up: "Jack & Jill" shower dress. (A Jack and Jill Shower is one thrown for both the Bride adn the Groom!) You may recognize this dress from our Engagement pictures!

Next is the Bridal Shower dress. My bridesmaids are the best! They're putting one together a week before the wedding but, I already knew what I wanted to wear. (Even if I wasn't going to have a Shower, I needed this dress). Guys, I was coveting this from ModCloth.com for quite sometime. If you notice, it is a Cupcake Dress. Try not to freak out. I know. I know.

Not sure if I should look for some heels or not? Thoughts?
Third outfit (sorry if this is boring) is the Bachelorette Dress. Confession to make --- I straight up stole this from my lovely little sister and MOH's closet! It's an adorable dress she wore to her winter ball a couple years ago, and I thought it would be cute!
And now, the Rehearsal dress! I knew I wanted to wear white, because I wanted to pair the outfit with the necklace I made in my favorite color. I found a white BCBG dress that was flattering and seemed appropriate for an outdoor/July rehearsal dinner. I plan on pairing it with a white short-sleeved cardigan and cobalt blue sparkly heels that I've been dying to wear for the rehearsal itself...

...And then losing the jacket and throwing on flats for the rehearsal dinner.

Lastly, I mentioned my parents were going to throw a party for the family the next day. It's going to be a small thing for the wedding party and close family to hang out the day after and relax, and we are so excited. What a nice way to wrap up the festivities of the wedding. Well, lucky for me in a trip to H&M I found a cute casual white dress on sale! That would be perfect for a casual cook-out the next day!

Not sure why, I'm doing an awkward dance pose.
So there they are! My To-Do-With-the-Wedding-Outfits! And the shoes! (All of these are pulled from the closet. Yes, I have too many shoes.

I was inspired to do this post by many of the Blogger Bees on Weddingbee, and I think it's fun and a good way to figure out what to wear and when to wear it. Especially for someone who is needing to save money (About 50% of the outfits I already owned...that's kind of good....hmm)!

What did/are you wearing for the pre-wedding events? Are you, like me, trying to wear as much white as possible? :)



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