Sweet Surprise!

So, the sweetest thing ever (almost literally) happened at work today. The entire staff was having a 'Before-Summer-Staff-Lunch luncheon, you know, like ya do when at the end of the meal, when we had just concluded the business part of the discussion, my boss called Bridesmaid Abbie (yes, I am ridiculously lucky and have a job working with one of my awesome Bridesmaids!) and our friend Ali over. They made a small speech about how we are looking forward not only to the upcoming business but to someone's upcoming wedding!

Someone?!? That's me!

BM Abbie, Me and Ali!
I immediately blushed as they gave to me a card and a beautiful crown (yes, you read that correctly, CROWN) of flowers! I felt immediately giddy, nervous, overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude, and joy at the thought of wearing a crown of flowers for the rest of the day. But then...ohhhhh then...they brought out the cupcakes, from Georgetown Cupcakes on Newbury St. (Yep, the girls from DC cupcakes opened up shop in Beantown!) Because Abbie knows me so well and is AWESOME, she got all different flavors and cut them into smaller bits to share so we all could try a bit of each!

Lavender Earl Grey Tea Cake (my favorite!)
Lemon Berry with a tiny Bride and Groom!

 The whole staff signed a beautiful card and got Patrick and I a gift certificate to one of our favorite restaurants! The flower garland was incredibly beautiful, and made me smell like roses for the rest of the day! Every meeting I had, my colleagues would look at me and smile, and I'd smile back (it was contagious!) 

Rose garland!
I feel so very lucky to work with such giving and kind people, whom I can honestly call my friends. In these last couple of weeks before the big day, I sometimes let myself get bogged down with the stress of last minute projects and things I am feeling behind on. This small, sweet celebration was a brightener and an up lifter and an excitement and joy inducer! And I am incredibly grateful for it. 

Patrick is too, I saved him a cupcake! ;) And yes. I wore the crown for the rest of the day and on the public transportation ride home. 



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  1. How nice for you. Those cakes look amazing, YUM!