Bridal Blingies

Ugh. I am SO BAD! I haven't been a good blogger in about a month! I am terribly sorry. The excuse again is that it's TWO weeks away from the wedding and I am running around all over the place with last minute planning, projects, etc. But, I now promise to update as much as I can in the weeks (2!!!) leading up to our big day. As much as I can. :)

So, remember that time I said I was all set with accessories? I had my shoes, jewelry, everything right? Wrong. I changed shoes twice after the initial purchase. Twice! And all in the final three months before the wedding! Sheesh.
Welp. I did it again. Not with shoes! Don't worry. Too much. With earrings.

Skee-daddle, P!
I recently enjoyed the wedding of two really great friends of mine and Patrick's. It was such a beautiful, emotion-filled day! And of course, (because she always does) the bride was stunning! I was particularly obsessed with intrigued by her lovely earrings. She had square shinies that were absolutely gorgeous, and absolutely unpredictable.

Gorgeous, yes? I know! (The ladies are both beautimious bridesmaids of mine, too!)
I had gotten used to the drop, circular, crystal look on Brides ever since I subscribed to the magazine of that same name. Beautiful pieces, yes, but I was seeing them EVERYWHERE! And, well, Katie inspired me to look outside of the norm. (NOT at all saying that drop, circlular crystal bridal earrings are not good, I was just not really into mine any more). Not only that but, when I first bought them, my mom had been a little iffy about them, so back to etsy I went.

Here are my first pair...
Gorgeous, yes. But do they go with my dress?
I don't know...
So, in searching for better earrings, I knew that there were three specific aesthetic choices I'd made about what I wanted that I'd adhere to...

  1. They would be post earrings. Not dangling. If I were ever to conceivably wear my wedding earrings again for a nice event, I don't think they'd actually be worn if they were giant dangly duds. So, posts or studs all the way!
  2. They would be an irregular shape, or to be more general: not round. I decided that the round or oval look really didn't match my dress/overall bridal look.
  3. They would have a vintage element to them.
So there I was, at work, searching desperately for more earrings and guys...it really wasn't hard. I had about six pairs in my cart on etsy before I began to narrow them down. They ranged from art-deco looking beautiful rhinestone pieces, to odd square CZ sparklies. And I got it down to three pairs, then two, and then the choice was clear...

Check out my blingies!

Those lovelies are the winners that I will be wearing on our big day. They came in the mail the other day and I am seriously in love. So much so that I can't wait for those perfect little detail shots starring these beauties. I love that they are different shaped stones and that they kind of look like they belong in the 40's or the 30's even. I think they compliment the style of my dress more and they will be something I can put on at a fancy anniversary dinner or something like that. I can't wait! There are 17 days left!

Brief side note: I was thinking the other day: Why am I changing all my accessories so close to the wedding? How picky can I be? Am I wishy-washy? But looking back, I bought the accessories (shoes, earrings) really early in the process. I was so eager to have them in my possession that I bought them without thinking. Without letting myself picture the day wearing them, letting the image really come to life in my overall plan, and because of that -- I ended up not liking them, and searching for replacements. I am happy (at last) with what I have now, but it would have been better not to have to return the items and/or sell them. My advice: get your accessories for your wedding after you have purchased your dress and after you really *know* (i.e. spent some time thinking about your bridal look) that they fit your vision.

Did anyone else out there change their minds about their bridal look a few weeks away from their big day?



  1. Thank you! I tried on both pairs with the dress. I may be waiting until the day of to actually pick the pair because they are both gorg!