Love Banner

A month or so ago, my FMIL gave me some gorgeous bits of vintage-y, colorful fabric and some burlap. Now, I was never really on the 'Burlap-Wedding' train, but I do love pictures like this...

So even though we are three weeks away from the big day, I sat down one night, and got crafty! Using a cut out from a cardboard box, I drew a pennant flag to be my template.

Then, I traced and cut out each pennant: I did one flag per letter, but I've seen gorgeous ones with one word per flag. It depends on the word or phrase. Mine was "Love."

I hot glued the pretty vintage-y fabric (smaller) flags to the larger burlap ones. And then because I still have SO MANY extra Save-the-Date cards, I decided to re-enforce the flags with us from the photo.

I used a bright blue marker to draw the letters. I only recommend using marker and not fabric paint if you are ok with the letters having a fuzzy glow. I ended up liking the softness, but for a crisper letter, I'd stick witht the paint.

Fuzzy letter 'L'
Glue them onto the string and TA-DAH! Burlap banner with vintage loveliness! I think I will have it hang over the door way to go outside of the Towers, or perhaps along the stairway, right as you are about to enter the main hall.

Now that we are getting so close, I am anxious to see how all of these DIY projects I have been working on will come together! Last weekend, our close friends got married and it was so dreamy! To see all the hard work and planning finally come together; the dress, the music, the decor, the CAKE, the flowers! It was amazing. It really made me think though, how is ours going to come together? Will all the crazy things I made look goofy? What will it be like seeing everything in it's place? Who knows? We have three weeks left. AHH! Let's find out!


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