And More Hair Flowers!

My apologies for not posting for awhile...I've had a terrible cold and began rehearsals for A Christmas Carol  with Hanover Theatre. (Also; side note of quick news; Patrick and I both got our wedding rings in! I picked them up last week and now both of us are trying our best not to wear them around! No! I'm totally not wearing it right now as I type am wearing it right now)

Here's the tutorial I promised for the silk hair flowers (I found it here, of course on the Bee. I changed a few things but here's the gist of it)! (This one is quite a lot more simple than the Tsunami flowers). Ready? Go!

Here's what you need:
White or Colorful (fake) flowers of choice from the craft store
Needle and Thread

A button or bead for the center
Hot glue
Barrette/Alligator clip

Here's what to do: First take your faux blooms and basically take them apart. Pull the backing (usually plastic made to look like the leaves of the flower bloom) off and remove each individual set of petals.

Here's the flower as it came from the store.
Removing the bottom plastic leafy thingy.
And here are all the individual petal sets.
Then, start stacking the petals to your hearts desire to get an idea of how you want the finished flower to look. With smaller petals up top of course. Make it fluffy as a poodle on a humid day, or maybe you want a lighter hair piece, whatever looks best to you! Once you have a clear picture, you can either pin the petals together or get to sewing and gluing (I'm not the best at free-hand sewing so, I used mostly my trusty hot glue gun).
I also experimented with different fabric and
simply cut out some petals to add to the fabric flower.
Begin gluing/sewing the stacks together. For you talented sewers, pass through each petal, up one side and down the other. Since I used the glue gun, I put a bead of glue in the center, and pressed the petals firmly down onto it (Careful not to burn your fingers!).

Once your flower is glued/sewn together its time to whip out the button, needle and thread. Using a fairly sharp needle, start beneath your flower and run the thread up through the center and through the button holes to secure the button, and subsequently the flower.

Try to pull it as tightly as you can while enabling yourself
to make the passage back down through the flower.
You should end your stitching below the flower once you've finished with the button. This way, you can tie the remaining thread to your alligator clip or barrette.

Lastly, run the needle and thread a few times again through the very bottom layer of petals and the clip or barrette, until it feels quite secure. Then voila! You have a beautiful hair flower for special occasions or just-because! And how easy is that? 

This one came out significantly better.
It's my bridal hair flower trial :)
Enjoy! I'm going to keep experimenting with more hair flowers (Especially as its getting colder outside and it will be nice to settle down with some nice crafting projects and steaming mug of hot chocolate)!



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