Wedding Bands

Nerd Alert!

Actually, we went to Jared! And like I posted before, picked out our wedding rings a month ago!!!  Well, both of them came in and I was able to pick them up a couple of weeks ago! I'm trying to hide my excitement --- clearly, not doing a great job.Without further a do, here they are in their cozy little nest!

I am pleased to say that we both really love our rings and are having a really hard time not wearing them around! Not to name names, but PATRICK wore his to come see my show on Saturday! Scandalous!!! I don't mind, it makes me really happy that he truly loves his ring and he said this morning he felt weird not wearing it to work! Love!

I'm really hoping to get his engraved! I have a few things in mind: 1. Just our wedding date. 2. A Quote (from our song, or our favorite sonnet) or 3. Our first initials a la R + J...

But with the initials engraved on the inside!
I do love the cursive engraving.

I am really leaning to the favorite quote from song or sonnet, but I think no matter what, I will include our date. My parents both engraved the title of their song into their bands, which I think is so romantic and sweet. I know not every couple wears wedding bands (I'm looking at you Prince William!), but it depends on their individual styles. Some wear only engagement rings, some wear both, some never wear rings. I guess Patrick and I are more traditional in that sense, that we want to have the outward symbols -- but hey, to each their own.

Having the rings in our possession really brings our wedding into focus! It's really happening and it's happening soon. It gives me tingles knowing that each day brings us closer and closer! I can't wait to wear both of my beautiful rings together as a symbol of our love and commitment to each other!

What do wedding rings symbolize for you? Are you wearing one? What's it like? Details!




  1. Great post! I am actually getting married in a few months and I ordered a wedding band that looks quite similar to yours, however, I am actually one of those people who really NEVER wears rings! They tend to get in my way and bother me, but I really want to wear my wedding ring! I feel similar to your feeling, I want the outward symbol of my marriage worn everyday. Hopefully, this situation will be different since it will obviously be more important than any other ring I have ever worn. Time shall tell. Thanks for the great blog!

  2. Thank you Deena, for reading! It's so funny --- I was totally the same, didn't really like wearing rings because I felt they got in my way. But now the engagement ring feels like a part of me and I can't wait to be able to wear the wedding band! (Yay -- similar wedding band twins!) Congratulations on the wedding coming up! So exciting!!!

  3. These rings are so impressive. Especially the wording on the inside and initials on the outer surface shows the wedding ring more important.