Being A Bride v. Playing a Bride, Part the Second

I posted before about the art of playing a bride onstage, and now again in A Christmas Carol, I am playing a fiancee! (Actually, I get proposed to onstage). I have to confess with mild hubris, that this is my favorite part in the show. Here's a brief synopsis of the story if you have lived under a rock all your life if you haven't seen/read it.

In our production, the Ghost of Christmas Past shows Scrooge a few scenes from his childhood before moving on to his young adult life, when he was working for a jolly man named Fezziwig! The Fezziwigs always throw a wonderful Christmas party, and this particular memory Past shows Scrooge is of his young self proposing to his love, Belle during the festivities (That's me!). The carol we sing in the show is The Wassail Song, which is a joyous old English tune we all get to dance to. And then Young Ebenezer proposes to Belle a midst the hubbub of the dance! (See below)

I guess the reason why I am posting about this is because that moment in the show brings me back to the moment last January when Patrick proposed to me! It was such a time of warmth, excitement, nervousness, and being completely overwhelmed and this role brings me right back to that night! Patrick's proposal to me was so romantic and personal and I couldn't be more happy with it! He did a great job. Here's the proposal story. I am so lucky. And to have this role to remind me of that night is a blessing within itself! I love acting.

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December 2011



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