Accessorize me!!!!

I mentioned that I recently had a birthday, right? Right. Well, lucky for me, it kind of kick-started my obtaining of accessories for the wedding!

I know what you're thinking; "OMG, she didn't share the dress? WHAT?" Well, I actually don't have a dress yet...in my possession. I have, however, found one that I simply CANNOT stop thinking about. It's gotten to the point where when I picture my wedding day, I picture this dress. I think it's safe to say that it's the one. (More on that later/I can't really share pictures because a certain someone who is NOT allowed to see my dress until a certain day reads this blog). But yeah, I fully intend on purchasing this dress, as soon as possible. Like, no later than October! (::squeal::) Anyway, I am one of those crazies who bought accessories before actually owning the dress. Stupid? Maybe. But am I excited? You better believe it.

Here's how it went down. Firstly, before my birthday I was filling in for a receptionist as one of the temporary assignments I am working on for a personnel group. That entails me sitting at a desk waiting to answer the phones and pick up the mail while reading Weddingbee and Style-Me-Pretty posts from 9-5. Also Etsy-ing. It is so dangerous to do these things because then BB takes over and I found myself obsessing over garters! Well, I found one! And it is being made by a wonderful shop on Etsy called "Rosebud Lips" that makes all different wedding/beauty items and I CAN'T WAIT to get it! (Here's a link to my garter, I just didn't want P to see it because he's most likely to read this post).

 For my birthday Patrick, being adorable and all, set up a lovely weekend for me. First, we took a mini vacation to Vermont just me, him and Peanut. Simply to relax and de-stress. And I have to say it was wonderful. Two days of relaxing in the quiet woods; me working on wedding details and him composing. (I narrowed down the list of caterers we saw at the "Taste of the Towers" to five we actually like!)
Lovely little chalet in VT
When we came back that Sunday, he with my friends planned a great backyard BBQ where there were CUPCAKES and other delicious foods, games and good times with friends. Then on Monday (long weekend) we visited my parents. It was such a wonderful birthday, I had such a great time! What great friends and a wonderful fiance I have. As for prezzies (presents), I got some things that I would decide to use as part of my wedding day attire. Along with the amazing weekend he planned for me, Patrick bought me a beautiful necklace and...

I love them!
I plan on wearing them the day we wed, because they represent something that is very dear to me and they symbolize us. They are beautiful, and I am so thrilled! Also, Claire, Patrick's sister, got me a beautiful purse to wear. It is gorgeous and quite fancy and I think it would be wonderful to put tissues, chapstick, small mirrors, and other essentials in on the day of the wedding.
I am so grateful. It's absolutely stunning and inspired me to go out and find...my wedding shoes. Now, as you know, I had been looking at different kinds of blue shoes. I really love the color, and I don't think my clumsy self could keep ivory shoes in pristine condition through our wedding day. So, I decided on the Jeannettes, I took my debit card out and got ready to buy them online. But! But, but, but they were OUT of the royal blues! I confess, I did get a little upset. And then, I got mad. I started googling blue shoes all over the place but nothing seemed right. I found some I liked, but I never really loved them. I just knew they weren't it. I then kept remembering the brand that my friend Abbie had worn on her day. There was something about the pink shoe tote bag, the graceful brand name that just drew me to their website.

I proceeded through all shoes, all colors until I found one pair that I fell in love with and that I knew were the right ones for me. (Funnily enough, I found out afterward that they are the same exact shoes, except for color that Abbie wore in her wedding!) They are perfect:

1. They have a small heel.
2. They are blue.
3. They fit perfectly
4. They're BLUE!

So, guys...I have them! My wedding shoes came in last week and I couldn't be happier! I love how comfortable/stylish/beautiful they are and I can definitely tell that I could wear them all night! I am so excited! It just means to me that we are getting closer and closer to our wedding day! (I'm going to hold off on pictures just because again a certain someone reads this, and I am trying to keep my wedding day look a secret until the big day!)

If you made it this far, congratulations. You've survived my gushing over accessories. Thank you! If you couldn't tell, I am excited. :) So, I got earrings, shoes, a garter, and a purse to begin creating my own Bridal look! Did anyone else get their wedding accessories before actually purchasing a dress?



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  1. Those earrings are gorrgggeeeoous. I got all my accessories after picking my dress, but you def. seem to have a great vision and idea in your head and having these items before you go shopping should def. help make the process a little easier!