A "Taste of the Towers"

Hey guys! Sorry, I know I have been a terrible blogger lately! I am getting ready to head out of state for a friend's wedding, where I am a bridesmaid and Patrick is the best man! (#wewewesoexcited, you know who you are :) ) Anyways, more on that, of course, later!

Here's what has been going down in Wedding-World, well, MY wedding-world lately. On May 13th, Patrick and I, (and his parents) attended what is called the "Taste of the Towers." It's an event held at our venue that is held annually where all the caterers that are affiliated with the Towers make presentations and have samplings of some of their best menu items! How perfect! (I KNOW).  Here are some pictures from the evening!

On a call, but enjoying the view!

Centerpieces anyone?

Maybe the cocktail hour location?

Glowing reception room=Gorgeous!

We tried some AH-MAY-ZING foods, had delicious wine and beer, and most importantly to me, got to stroll around the place that we will wed! (This allowed me to take obnoxious photos of the towers, so exciting!) It was an amazing night, and I am so glad we did it. We got to speak directly to the caterers, ask them questions, take notes, cards and menus home, and sample some delicious food. I will delve more into it, I have about 20 menus and booklets to go through with Patrick to see if we can decide on 3-5 to actually narrow it down and consult with, so again, more on that later when I get to it!




  1. Looks like you had a great time, it's awesome your venue hosted that night for you all

  2. Looks so pretty. Taster events are really helpful. It really helped us pick our menu.