Newly Aquired Wedding...Somethings!

I just wrapped up a WONDERFUL run of the play Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl, at the Boston Center for the Arts. It's a wonderful show, kinda out there, but it was so much fun! (Note: In case I have failed to mention before, I am an actress, and ALWAYS looking to do fun, expressive work in theatre, hence moving up to Boston and it's also how I met Patrick)

So yeah, Eurydice happened and it was amazing! I played a "Stone." Before you toss your head back and laugh, let me explain. You may know the myth about Orpheus and Eurydice, when basically a newly wedded couple lose each other as the bride, Eurydice, is killed and descends to the Underworld. Orpheus, not only one of the Argonauts, but a legendary musician also descends to the Underworld and charms even Hades, the Lord of the Underworld with his music. Hades agrees that Orpheus can bring his wife back to life on Earth if he walks all the way to the surface without turning back to see her. Unfortunately, he fails. In the Sarah Ruhl version, amongst many other differences, Eurydice actually calls out to her husband, causing him to look back at her and lose her again. In the Underworld in this play, the Stone characters are the inhabitants of the Underworld. In my director's fantastic vision, we were clowns, and the Underworld was our circus.

ALL of that aside! (The reason why I am even writing this post) Our set was a big tent circus theme with platforms rising to a staggering height of four feet. :) Anyway, another theme in the play is water; it's through line is that it contains the power of forgetting and thus destroying memories and ultimately, love. In the show's Underworld, after death, you would "dip yourself in the river," or drink from one of many glass jars around the stage. Here's where the Wedding Something part of this post comes in!

My many mason jars of various heights and widths.

I am now the proud owner of those jars! There are at least 75 pieces, not including the wine bottles I also snagged (that's for another post!).  So what do you think guys? What can I use them for? I was thinking flowers, maybe even for drinking signature drinks out of with paper straws (like I am loving and seeing a lot lately in the wedding blog universe!). Any other cool ideas? 




  1. Do you have "Stumble Upon"? Set it to wedding related stuff and you will find more ideas that you could every want!

  2. Oooh! I didn't have it! Good idea, thank you!

  3. Hi Micah!

    A friend of mine used them to hold flowers and hung them on the aisle chairs during the ceremony. She glued ribbon along the top and the way they hung at an angle, the flowers pointed into the aisle. it was simple and beautiful, and was just the right touch of decor.

    Another idea would be using them as luminaries indicating where guests should go (either to the ceremony or from ceremony to reception)

    just some thoughts!!! Hope you are well :)

  4. Thanks! I LOOOOOVE both ideas! Time to experiment with them! :)

  5. an example of the flower idea:


    also wrapping them in lace would create an awesome effect if you're using them as lights.