A beautiful Shower and Bachelorette for a beautiful bride!

I have been DYING to do this post, but as I'm not sure if the lady in question reads this blog, I didn't want to spoil any surprises! A couple of weekends ago, my friends and I threw a bridal shower/bachelorette party for one of my best friends (and one of my bridesmaids) in the entire world, Erica! 
The hostesses!

Since Erica is a spectacular actress and had the female leading role in an amazing musical called "The Light in the Piazza," which is set in Italy....we decided her shower would be Italian-themed because she is our "light" in our lives. :) We had Blushing Bride Bellinis as the signature drink, and had a Chianti wine-tasting with a prize for the winner of the best wine! We shared our favorite moments we've had with Erica and chatted and opened gifts. Instead of the traditional ribbon bouquet, I made her a Ribbon Fascinator (my tutorial will follow this post)! Which, of course she rocked! Here's a few pics from the shower! Hostessing props go to Erin and Lisa for amazing food and good ideas, and Abbie for holding the shower at her place!
Yum Yum! Italian food!

Our wine charm favors!

My Strawberry/Lemon Meringue Spring Cupcakes!

Signature Blushing Bride Bellini!
The other star of the shower...A Cannoli kit!
Chit-Chatting away!
The bachelorette party that ensued after the shower was tons of fun! We headed back to our friend Nikki's for a few games before heading to the ULTIMATE bachelorette destination for this group of girls...DO RE MI Karaoke! Here are a few fun shots from the night!
Dancin' the night away!

Personalized punch bottles

What a great time!
We had such a great time planning the party and an even better time enjoying it! I feel so blessed to have such great friends to hang around. We loved celebrating Erica and can't wait for her wedding!



  1. Great post! I know E was so moved by what a wonderful evening you guys put together for her. BESTIES!!!

  2. Thanks, Andrew! We LOVED doing it for her! And we love you guys.