Blue Swoon

Haha, get it? Like Blue Moon?...blue swoon?...nevermind.

OK, Patrick.
Don't LOOK if you don't want to know
about what I am wearing!
(It's not the dress don't freak out)

As we move further away from the one year mark, I am becoming more and more excited about actually making some decisions. So of course, a million different things are going on in my head at any given time throughout the day. And I saw these from Miss Sunhat on the Bee and SWOOOOOOOONED!

Needs them. Remember when I freaked out about the Me Too Stellina Satin shoes? Also blue shoes. Also Me Too but they are called the Jeanettes! Looks like I will definitely be hopping on the colorful shoe bandwagon, but hey, if I am this excited about them, it's probably the right way to go. Don't you think?



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  1. Being excited is by far the best sign. Love blue shoes.