A Little More on the Ceremony

As I re-read my Ceremony post, I wanted to say a few more things because I feel like, since it has already been over a year, I was not so specific in re-counting the details. To be honest, what I remember from our Ceremony is basically what I laid down in that post. All that stuck (and to me, all that mattered) was that Patrick and I were married in front of our friends. I can't recall every tiny detail, because I was hot, sweaty, nervous, excited and overwhelmed with love that day. And that doesn't bother me.

I know it was a beautiful ceremony. Our best man, Devin, recorded it on his iPhone, and (when we're ready) we'll listen to it again to remember the details more distinctly. But for now, I think my post, albeit it's vagueness covers what was very important in our ceremony. We exchanged our vows in front of our friends and families. We were blessed in our marriage. There was music. There were tears of joy and songs.

I love him, he loves me. We got married.

That being said, I am kind of kicking myself for not getting to these re-cap posts sooner to really get those details in! (Lesson learned). I've been to a few weddings now as an adult, and I find that the most important details will always stick. And that's all that matters!

Thanks for reading my self-concious re-cap review!



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