Hello, my friends, Hello!

Hey everyone! As you can see, if you are still following (fingers crossed) I have a new blog title AND a new layout! Woo hoo!

I have been totally MIA for over half a year now, and that is all due to (I'm sure it's obvious to you) our baby boy's arrival in the world!

Here he is, on his first morning!

And here's our boy nowadays!
Being a new mother has been the most challenging, rewarding and amazing change to my life! We are over the moon with love for this boy. Patrick and I feel like our family is made whole with him, and we couldn't be more thrilled, or feel more lucky.

That is what took me away from blogging (as well as six shows back to back! Whew!). Our little family has been busy with growing teeth, trying out foods and learning to sit, as well as looking for a more permanent home and working on compositions and learning new theatrical skills (try to determine who's doing what here!). On the home front, literally, we are lucky to have made an offer and currently are in the process of closing on a condo in our beloved town of choice! More on that later...

I'd like to start fresh with this blog, if you'll have me. My life is moving in a new and exciting direction; being a Stay-At-Home Mom and an Actor/Director/Producer! I want to share bits and pieces of this new life with you all. There will be many crafts, cupcakes and funny stories and of course, pictures of J (our little guy). AND I will finish the wedding recaps and go through the pregnancy (woof). All this is to say I'm happy to be back and excited to start a new chapter!

Much love,


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