Feeling Blessed

Hey friends. Spring is finally here! We are leaving our windows open, our allergies are taking their tolls, and we found four disgusting spiders in our apartment yesterday. But we are happy, and for the most part, very healthy. Our baby is growing and we're so excited. But, recently, major things in our world took a tragic turn.

Most of you may have seen the horrific events that occurred at the Boston Marathon this past week. As a resident of Massachusetts, someone who works in the heart of the city, whose dreams have come to life here and someone who has a great deal of passion for the city it has been a very tough week.

Patrick and I were extraordinarily lucky. I had the day off from work, so was able to be safe at home and not enter Boston that Monday. Patrick works in the city, but he was at a safe enough distance that he was able to confirm his safety to me quickly. He also happened to drive into the city that day (because he was running late that morning) and came home soon as he could. Our friends and family were safe and checked in very quickly. But many were not. My heart grieves for them. My heart grieves for this city. For an event that is meant to be joyous, and a celebration of life and freedom.

But on the other hand, I have seen such heroic deeds done; marathon runners who continued to run past the finish line two extra miles to the hospital to donate blood. Spectators who instead of running away from the explosions, ran to the victims to help. The FBI and the law enforcement of Boston, the state, and more recently, Watertown, who searched tirelessly in the days after the events to find the two suspects. And who, yesterday, bravely did find them and put a stop to them.

On Monday and yesterday, when the whole city was on lock down, Patrick and I stayed in our home. We felt all day the same feeling that swept Massachusetts, the feeling of anxiety and of being unsafe. Now that those responsible for the terrible acts of violence have been stopped, and it is a new day, I am truly counting my blessings.

I'm grateful to have love, safety, shelter and friends to share it with. A healthy pregnancy so far, exciting projects to work on and a beautiful new home to build (we moved!). There are countless things, little things that I fail to think about each day that have been returning to the forefront of my mind in light of these attacks. I'm heartbroken for what has been done to Boston and to its people, relieved that justice will be served, and hopeful that I can remember to be grateful for every day that we have.

With love and thankfulness,


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